RNAzol® RT Column Kit

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其他名称: RNA纯化试剂盒
目录号: RC290
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RNAzol® RT Column Kit

The RNAzol® RT Column Kit combines RNAzol® RT, the most effective reagent for isolation of RNA, with a versatile and
universal column in one procedure. This unique Kit isolates large RNA and small RNA in separate fractions, or total RNA in asingle fraction. The RNAzol® RT Column Kit accommodates 50 total, large or small RNA isolations. The multiple applications available with this Kit make it one of the most cost effective and efficient RNA isolation procedures available.

  • The universal column can be used to isolate total RNA, large RNA, or small RNA.
  • The large RNA fraction includes long non-coding RNA, mRNA and rRNA.
  • The small RNA fraction includes tRNA, small rRNA and microRNA down to 10 bases.
  • Isolate total and large RNA fractions in 30 minutes. Isolate small RNA in 60 minutes.
  • At least 300 μg RNA can be isolated on a single column.


Catalog # RC 290

RNAzol® RT Column Kit

isolates pure and undegraded RNA from solid and
liquid samples of human, animal, plant,
bacterial and viral origin.

    Kit Contents:

    50 ml RNAzol® RT
    50 Columns with Collection Tubes
    50 Wash Tubes
    50 Elution Tubes
    10 ml RNase-free Water

Catalog # RC 290 T

Trial size available
10 isolations



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